Candice Clawson

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You can credit Candice’s success as a stylist to her innate desire for serving and helping other people. As a young girl, she felt like her family and community recognized and celebrated her as an individual. Today she hopes to pass that experience along to others. She says it is personally and professionally rewarding to share her talents and her skill and exhibit excellent service while caring for another individual. In particular, Candice has hailed the unique educational opportunities at Landis Salons as the means for mastering her craft as a Grand Salon Stylist. She is a devoted colorist with an exceptional eye. Experiences like participating in Fashion Week, where creative and style-centric happenings showcase Salt Lake City’s best talent, have only added to her commitment and enthusiasm for hair color design. Candice values personal progress, and she acknowledges that her profession has taught her about respect, generosity, independence, empathy, passion and perseverance. You can see this influenced in everything Candice does—whether it’s cooking, adventure seeking, running, or delicately placing blonde highlights.

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