We believe learning never ends

If you are interested in becoming a Stylists and not positive if a school is the way to go, an apprenticeship is the way to go. You gain real life experience while earning your hours in the salon. Apply now or see below for more information about how Landis Lifestyle Salons are the right place for you!
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Why an Apprenticeship

Why obtain your cosmetology license as an apprentice with one on Landis Lifestyle Salon’s licensed instructors?

The reasons are varied and abundant! Here are a few of the top reasons:

  • You will receive individualized daily instruction by the best in the Industry.
  • You will build a clientele while you are learning
  • You will be able to attend our structured theory and practical classes every Monday and Wednesday designed as a Master program for licensed stylists.
  • You will be working side by side with over 45 of the best stylists in the state
  • During the last six months of your apprentice program you will be able to accept actual clients and be paid under the supervision of your instructor
  • You will be working and learning in a state of the art salon
  • The cost is substantially lower than a traditional school, especially if you meet the requirements to be able to be paid for the last 6 months of the program
  • The quality of the education is superior from the perspective of obtaining real life experience.
  • IF you are looking for employment with Landis Salons, you can be on the fast track to become a senior stylist with Landis Lifestyle Salons
  • You will be surrounded by high end clientele
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Terms of Apprenticeship

What are the basic terms for becoming an apprentice at Landis Lifestyle Salons?

The cost of an apprenticeship is $12,500-$14,000, which includes the first 8 months of New Artist Classes, Instruction manual, Scissors, comb, brush and blow dryer.
Apprentice will be required to attend New Artist Classes hosted by Landis Lifestyle Salons during the entire duration of the Apprentice Program. The New Artist Program is an 11 month advanced education program for licensed cosmetologists that wish to become Grand Salon Stylist at Landis Lifestyle Salons. (We will provide you with an outline of the New Artist Program). The cost to attend the program for an apprentice is $20 per class, plus supplies required for the class, to be paid directly to Landis Salons. The total cost to attend classes should not exceed $3,000 during the 15 month program. $1,500 of the initial cost of the New Artist program will be paid by your Instructor. The remaining $1,500 may be paid or waived as outlined under Months 9 through 15. The model or Apprentice will be responsible for paying the appropriate service fee which should not exceed $10 per service plus color costs.

How long will it take?

The state of Utah requires that you complete 2,500 hours of instruction.

Apprenticeship Outline

What will a basic outline of my time as an apprentice look like?

  • Months 1 through 5. The first 6 months will consist of assisting the Instructor on the floor of any Landis Lifestyle Salon and attending in-salon education and providing models every Monday and Wednesday as directed by the Instructor;
  • Months 6 through 7. Apprentice will be required to supply no less than 5 cutting models per week that are appropriate for the instruction for each class or as directed by the Instructor;
  • Months 7 through 8. Apprentice will be required to supply no less than 10 hair and/or color models per week that are appropriate for the instruction for each class or as directed by the Instructor;
  • Months 8 through 9. Apprentice will be required to supply no less than 15 hair and/or color models per week that are appropriate for the instruction for each class or as directed by the Instructor;
  • Months 6 through 9. Apprentice will obtain the necessary styling sign offs which is equivalent to completing the “Assisting Phase” as a New Artist.
  • Months 10 through 15. Apprentice may begin the New Artist Program upon executing a New Artist Contract, provided the Apprentice has the necessary skill set which is at the sole determination of Landis Lifestyle Salons management. Apprentice will begin taking clients on the floor of a Landis Lifestyle Salon for no less than 25 hours per week. Apprentice and Instructor understand that Apprentice must always be under the direct supervision of Instructor or an alternate instructor. Apprentice will always be within eye sight of the Instructor and signs will be posted at the apprentice’s station stating that they are under the supervision of said instructor. Starting pay will be at $7.25 per hour plus commission product sales that exceed $16.50 RPCT.

Months 10-11. Complete phase one New Artist requirements
Months 12-13. Complete phase two New Artist requirements
Months 14-15. Complete phase three New Artist requirements
Provided Apprentice is hitting retail, productivity, retention and pre-booking benchmarks all New Artist class fees will be waived for Months 9 through 15. Benchmarks are based upon Phase I, Phase II and Phase III as outlined in the New Artist Passport. In the event, Apprentice is not hitting all benchmarks, the apprentice would then be held responsible for the remaining $1,500 to account for all class/product fees.

The premise of the Apprenticeship program is to provide the Apprentice with a superior education that will provide Apprentice with a head start in building his/her career at Landis Lifestyle Salons, by working under the direct supervision of the Instructor who is a top stylist in the Landis Salons. Apprentice will have real life experience on the floor of one of Utah’s premier Landis Lifestyle Salons. By incorporating Landis Salons New Artist program into the apprenticeship program, the apprentice will obtain the benefit of attending a structured Advanced Education program that will accelerate Apprentices skills in becoming a proficient Aveda trained hair stylist. During the last 5 months of the apprenticeship, Apprentice is expected to complete Phase II and Phase III of the New Artist Program, which is designed to build a clientele for Apprentice. Provided Apprentice diligently follows and meets the requirements of the Apprentice Program, she/he will have a full clientele and will be able to graduate from being a New Artist to a commissioned Grand Salon stylist within the Landis Salon network.