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Hair Coloring

In Salt Lake City, you won’t find a more experienced team of colorists than we have at Landis Lifestyle Salon.
We offer all types of hair coloring for women and men. Our stylists all have their areas of expertise and, depending on the services you’re looking for, we will ensure you’re in good hands.
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Hair Coloring Experts

These are just some of the hair coloring services we provide. We are committed to providing the look you’re after and we will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

One- and Two-Step Color

Today’s technology has given us an amazing variety of hair coloring options, to help create the perfect look for you. One-step hair color is typically used if you want to go darker, cover grays, or achieve certain types of effects. Two-stop color is typically the right approach if you want to lighten your hair more than a shade or so, or if you want a more dramatic effect.

Full and Partial Foils

We offer all types of foils, including one-step foils and two-step foils. Choose a full or partial approach, depending on the results you seek. Talk to our experienced colorists about highlights, lowlights, microlights, and more.

Custom Color

At Landis Lifestyle Salon, all of our hair coloring services are technically custom color. With the many advanced coloring options you can choose from today, we can give you subtle, natural-looking results all the way through to the shimmering “unicorn” or balayage looks you’ve seen on the runway.

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To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our hair services in Salt Lake City, contact us today.