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Lash Lifts

In Salt Lake City, trust Landis Lifestyle Salon for all your lash lift services.
People are flocking to have this service performed as an alternative to expensive, high-maintenance lash extensions. This safe, sanitary procedure is an instant beauty hack that replaces the daily lash curling and mascara grind.
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What Are Lash Lifts?

An eyelash lift takes your unremarkable lashes and turns them into perfectly fanned frames for your eyes. Our experienced lash techs use products and techniques to give your eyelashes a new shape and a darker, richer color. The effects are long-lasting and require no maintenance until it’s time for your next lift.

How often do you need a lash lift? The answer depends on how quickly you shed and regrow eyelashes. Most clients come in every four to six weeks to keep their lush fringe of lashes looking fresh and lovely.

Is An Eyelash Lift Right For You?

If you’re tired of fighting lash extensions, consider trying this revolutionary alternative. Likewise, if you fight every day with trying to get your mascara just perfect, this is an easy-care alternative to lash curlers and expensive mascara products.

If your lashes are straight, light, or not as thick as you might like, you will be delighted with the results you get from our eyelash lift services.

Contact us today and let us tell you more about how you can make your eyes pop with a safe, affordable lash lift at our Salt Lake City salon and spa.

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