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At Landis we are committed to creating a harmonious environment where each guest will receive a unique and personalized service that reinvigorates and influences the community we live in. We strive to set an example of excellence of service, beauty, and inspiration in everything we do so that our actions change the world one guest at a time.

Reservation & Welcome: A guest’s first impression of the salon and ensuring you are receiving the recommended services and products.
Were you greeted warmly and professionally?(Required)
Schedule your appointment on your preferred day/time?(Required)
Did our guest relations team share product promotions?(Required)

Consultation: Building that trust and rapport between the service provider and a guest. Were you offered the following:
Discussing your hair needs for product and service?(Required)
Recommended and relevant service upgrades?(Required)
Discuss product solutions for your hair needs?(Required)
Provide options for service?(Required)
Discuss maintenance schedule, and introduce pre-booking?(Required)

Stress-Relieving Ritual of Renewal: Aroma Sensory journey Ritual and Stress-Relieving Scalp and Shoulder Ritual)
Did you receive the following: Stress- Relieving Scalp and Shoulders Ritual?(Required)
Did the stylist educate you on the product solutions and the aroma sensory journey?(Required)

Stress-Relieving Shampoo Ritual: A continuation of the wellness at the shampoo bowl.
Did you receive a Stress-Relieving Shampoo Ritual?(Required)
Did the stylist educate you on product solutions for your hair needs?(Required)

Technical Service + Styling Lesson: A combination of Aveda’s high performance products with the service provider’s expert technique:
Received and complete technical cut / color / style service ?(Required)
Recommended any relevant service upgrades?(Required)
Educate on product solutions?(Required)

Finishing Touch Ritual: A touch for lips and/or complexion after a service. Women love the finishing touch ritual that is provided by our service provider:
Stylists perform makeup - or Aroma-focused Finishing Touch Ritual?(Required)
Stylists provided information on product solutions?(Required)

Recommended Home Care: Service provider completes the in-salon experience by showing guests the products used during the service and educating guests on how to use them to create their look at home.
Did your service provider review and recommend the products and share how to use the products?(Required)

Pre - Book: Ensuring the service provider's work continues to look its best and that guests can return on a day/time that is convenient for them.
Were you recommended a timeframe for your next visit, and your appointment was scheduled prior to you departing?(Required)

Goodbye for Now: Your last impression of the salon and service provider - Did you feel appreciated and excited to return:
Do you feel you had a memorable visit?(Required)
Did the service provider thank you for your time and visit today?(Required)

Please rate your experience overall between 1 - 5:(Required)