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Amy Bloomquist


Amy’s been educating and mentoring students at Francois D. College and Elite Academy of Dance for over a decade. And from her years as a teacher, she perceives there is something good in every heart. Indeed, the virtues that she sees within her students are just an inkling of what’s inside Amy. Determination, generosity, kindness, patience, energy, and spirit—these are her defining qualities. It’s not surprising that her skill as a master esthetician is enriched by these same qualities. Her able hands are motivated by compassion and sincere regard. She says she wants to make a difference in peoples lives and help them feel better. By creating an atmosphere of genuine care, she feels her home at Landis is the perfect place to share her gifts. Her therapeutic facials are an experience that revitalize and nourish not just the skin but also the soul. Her attentive treatments radiate relaxation and healing. People are important to Amy. She comes from a large family and recognizes that every relationship needs attention whether it is through a conscientious skin treatment or just taking the time to sit and play cards at the kitchen table.

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