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Jade McCoy

Grand Salon

Jade willingly admits that she’s been spoiled because she was fortunate to find a home at Landis Lifestyles Salon right after graduating from Sherman Kendall Academy of Beauty Arts and Sciences. In reality, she’s just someone who knows what she wants and how to achieve it. She recognized right away that she shares Landis’ vision: to fashion a unique and personalized service that reinvigorates and influences the community. Her family and her co-workers have been her biggest supporters, inspiring courage and relentless perseverance. She feels that her work is a way to “give back,” providing expert service that “uplifts people’s spirits” and contributes to Salt Lake’s local vibe. This is truly what you’ll experience as she is sharing her special talent for creating a short and sassy pixie haircut, the clean and stylish lines of men’s haircuts, or recieving some well-earned attention with the grace and spark of blonde color treatments.

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