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Joe Ramirez

Grand Salon

Initially, Joe was trained as a military barber, helping men and women exhibit self-discipline and a sense of pride. After seeing first hand how he could create and inspire self-confidence through his work, Joe developed a persistent enthusiasm for learning. He was a tenacious student at Georgia Institute of Cosmetology and took advantage of extended education opportunities at Sherman Kendall Academy. He flourishes within the beauty industry and has worked in Georgia, California as well as Utah. In addition to his prowess as a barber and stylist, Joe also holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering where he learned how to apply electronics technology to design. Joe’s innovative talents manifest themselves in everything he does, whether it is testing and troubleshooting advanced devices and systems, refinishing furniture, collecting vinyl records, painting, drawing, carpentry or raising Bassett Hounds. Nevertheless, his chosen occupation as a professional stylist is where he truly excels. Barbering, straight shaves, textured services like perms, specialty colors, curly hair, bobs, blondes, long hair, brunettes . . . it’s hard to characterize Joe in just a few words. Maybe it’s because he is so thoughtful and knowledgeable or because he wishes to share his heart with the world—Or because his mother has inspired him to work hard for the things he loves. His passion is truly evidenced in his enthusiasm for his profession and dedication to his clients.

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