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High-Quality Salon and Spa Work at Landis Lifestyle Salon

As a premier salon and spa business in the Salt Lake City area, Landis Lifestyle Salon serves many guests who are deliberate about their sense of personal style, and interested in how they look day to day.


Our salon philosophy goes along with that idea. We maintain high standards and bring creativity to the table because we understand what many of our customers are thinking.


At its core, salon services are all about helping an individual to show off his or her sense of fashion and expressing a personal style visually. You might say that in some ways, salon services help individuals move beyond conformity – but not in a way that challenges a community aesthetic. Instead, getting your own personal makeover elevates your appearance visually, and makes you stand out in a very positive way.


For example, many of our customers are in broadcast media or other fields where they have a certain amount of visibility. It’s in their best interest to cultivate a sophisticated style that is all their own. You’ll see, increasingly, that news anchors and local celebrities and others do have their own personal styles that seem to be carefully crafted by professionals. Some explain this as part of “new media,” where broadcast media as a whole is getting sliced and diced into many different channels: ex: how do you look on stage? What about from a smartphone camera?


In response, people are trying to give themselves specific resources to look their best, and feel their best, in a holistic way. That’s a lot of what we’re about here. At Landis Lifestyle Salon, you can choose from color and styling options in addition to face framing highlights, add-on glossing or thermal style services, to create that great coiffed look that you’re going for. 


In addition, you can check out all of our spa services and packages for accentuating the appearance of your skin and optimizing your impression to complement these high-quality hair design styles. Our spa services are based on the most modern methodologies that combine new science with a focus on ecology and personal wellness – for example, avoiding caustic chemicals and pursuing sustainable practices. 

Talk to us about your personal and individual style plan and how you want to maintain that – come into our SLC Marmalade salon or our SLC Sugar House location. At Landis Lifestyle Salon, we’ll be happy to see you on-site and walk you through all of the options that you have – and welcome you, if you choose as a new “regular” here!