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Our Team Rocks!

At Landis Lifestyle Salon, we believe it’s the people that make the business. The people that are out there on the front lines providing services to our customers are absolutely important to us. Our people are our biggest asset and our most important component. 

A Big Team


Including both of our locations, Marmalade and Sugar House, there are nearly 50 of us employed at Landis Lifestyle Salon. So when we take a group picture, it might look like an extended family reunion!

In a way, we are like family – we know each other and keep in touch routinely as we try to make Landis Lifestyle Salon the best place it can be. That’s part of our “corporate culture” but it’s not forced – it’s just how we work. We feel like, when you step aside and get out of the way of your staff, that’s when they really shine!

Extensive Biographies


When you go on our website looking for a particular staff member, they’re easy to find – large sized portraits with everyone’s first and last name is a standard. 

In addition, our bios are long – each one is a full web page length, with background information and credentials.

Why do we do this? Because we’re proud of what our staff has accomplished individually. Each one of us has his or her own skills and experience that we want to broadcast to the world.

Other Extras


Instead of just ending the story with our team member’s history and interests, we also include notes on their philosophies of style, how they have learned their crafts, and more. The additional information that we put into each bio tells a story – it lets you imagine how we interact with customers, and how we study our work to get that extra edge. We even include quotes from our team members if they feel that they are relevant to telling that greater story, the combination of a personal journey, and a concrete contribution to an important industry. 

The bottom line is that being in an immersive corporate culture works wonders for productivity and the well-being of each employee. When you come to work somewhere that you believe in, you are less likely to encounter all sorts of troublesome situations involving conflict, high turnover, low productivity, etc. We see that all the time at Landis Lifestyle Salon – by being a friendly place, we attract the clientele that let us keep our doors open year after year, always enhancing our reputation in the Salt Lake City UT area. We’ll see you down here!