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It’s Safe to Be Beautiful Again at Landis Lifestyle Salon

We’ve all been through a lot these past six months. We’re tired of seeing roots, split ends and dry, flaky skin. Men and women all over Salt Lake City are craving the smell of cherry almond shampoo and the soothing heat of a blow dryer. We get it. And that’s why we have instituted every precaution possible at Landis Lifestyle Salon — so our customers feel safe returning.

hair salon in SLCThe Hairdresser-Client Relationship

It’s no secret that clients feel closely bonded to their hair stylists, and we feel the same way about our customers! It’s not just a stereotype perpetuated by Steel Magnolias — it’s real!

And while we have missed coming into the beauty salon every day and seeing our customers and co-workers, we know it has been even harder for you, having to go without the services from your hairdresser that you have come to depend on.

Looks Count, Even During COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic wore on into the summer, pictures started popping up on Instagram of “COVID beard” and “COVID roots,” not only because people could not get to the salon, but because they didn’t feel like it mattered anymore. After all, no one could see them.

While this was true in many parts of the country, it was a sad truth, and it’s important to fight back against it. Many experts have advised people to not only do their best to stick to a routine to stay mentally healthy during the pandemic but also to keep doing things that made them feel good, like putting on makeup, styling their hair, and taking pride in their appearance again.

Safety First at Landis

Of course, your health is more important than a fresh haircut or a professional beard trim. That’s why we have been so careful in reopening our Salt Lake City hair salons.

Some of our customers are disappointed that they have to wait longer than they would like to get an appointment, but safety is our No. 1 concern. That’s why we leave every other shampoo station empty, and we only allow a limited number of hairstylists and clients in our hair salon at one time. When your turn comes, we want you to enjoy your time in the beauty salon and feel special again.

Here are the extra precautions we’ve put in place at this time to ensure your safety:

  • We’ve upgraded our entire HVAC system and added charcoal filtration
  • We’ve removed or otherwise spread out each haircutting station so that each cutting station is at least 6 ft away from any other station
  • We’ve added 4X8 decorative 3Form panels in between each of our shampoo stations
  • We are limiting the number of people in the salon as well as sanitizing all work stations and tools with Cintas brand disinfectant that is a proven COVID killing solution
  • All stylists and guests are required to wear masks in compliance with state and local health guidelines while in the salon

Right now, things are not yet exactly as they were before, but rest assured we are all doing our very best to make you feel pampered at every visit.

Whether you want a trim, a haircut, color, highlights, glossing, or a balayage, the team at Landis Lifestyle Salon is ready for you. Make an appointment today at either our Sugar House or Marmalade locations, and feel beautiful again.