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Beauty Salon Magic: New Year, New You!

The holidays are coming, and even though they will be a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best. We have all had a hard year, so this year more than ever, you deserve a little indulgence. Let us shampoo your cares away at the best hair salon in Salt Lake City!

hair salon Salt Lake CityVisiting Your Hairdresser Is Good for You

Certainly everyone’s stress levels have been higher than normal this year, and this can affect your physical and mental health.

You may have read that exercise, eating healthy and getting enough rest help reduce anxiety, but did you know that physical touch actually lowers levels of cortisol and relieves stress? In fact, visiting the hair stylist is one of the last things seniors give up as they age, not just to keep up their appearances, but because of the physical touch that is part of every visit.

During the global pandemic, many people have had to dramatically reduce their indulgence in shaking hands, hugging and any other types of physical touch. This, coupled with the other effects of the pandemic, have resulted in increased rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Here at Landis Lifestyle Salon in Salt Lake City, we consider ourselves artists. We work with our minds and our hands to create beauty. It’s a highly rewarding profession. And, like massage therapists, chiropractors and others whose jobs involve touching people, we’re always aware of how we make a special connection with each client every time we serve them.

The Full Beauty Salon Treatment

Getting a shampoo should be a luxurious experience. You’re relaxed, leaning back with your eyes closed. The warm water rushes over your head, the aroma of the shampoo fills the air around you and the shampooist gently massages your scalp as they work the products through your hair. Once you’re finished and wrapped up snuggly in a fresh, warm towel, you’re off to your hair stylist, who carefully combs out your hair and chats with you about what you have in mind for your new look.

Many of our clients find the blow-dry the most relaxing part. The warm airstream and the brush in your hair stimulate feelings of pleasure and well-being. Plus, when you’re done, you look beautiful!

Focus on You

Whether you’re in our beauty salon for a facial, waxing, cut, color or just a wash and blow dry, it’s your time. Our goal is to provide you with a transformative experience. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel like you’re in another world, where you have no cares and all that matters is you.

Coming into Landis salon or spa is taking an important step in the self-care you need and deserve. An hour or two (or three!) of pampering can make a world of difference. Plus, you’ll feel happier for weeks after, every time you look in the mirror!

Call Landis Lifestyle Salon today to make an appointment at our Marmalade or Sugar House locations. And spread the holiday joy by picking up a few gift certificates for friends and family while you’re here — it’s the gift everyone wants!