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Get Your New Hair Cut & Color for Spring

Spring arrives this month, and with it the desire for an exciting, fresh start. The hair stylists at Landis Lifestyle Salon in Salt Lake City are here to help you create your new look for 2021. Check out some of the top hair trends emerging this year.

hair stylistsMullets

Yep, Billy Ray Cyrus’s Achy Breaky Heart look is making a comeback — with a modern twist. Today’s mullets are more popular for women than men! You’ll see women in magazines with a contemporary Joan Jett-type look — short in the front and long in the back — while men are getting just the sides of their head shaved for an instant mullet.


There’s always someone rocking bangs somewhere, but you’ll see more bangs in 2021, especially coupled with mullets. This is good news for those with low foreheads and heart-shaped faces.

Middle Parts

No doubt you’ve head the debate raging on social media about where to part your hair. Some people are saying middle parts are “in” and side parts are “out,” and if you dare to part your hair even slightly off-center, you’re dating yourself. We disagree. While haircuts, styles and colors definitely change and are fun to follow, no one style is right for everyone, and each individual should adjust current styles to fit them better.


Many Gen Z-ers have literally spent their lives growing their hair to their waist, and now those times are coming to an end. The Manson Family look is out — short and sassy is in.


In fact, really, really short is in. Pixies are making a comeback. This oh-so-easy-to-care-for style looks fabulous on ladies with angular faces and defined cheekbones.


Getting all your hair cut off can make some people feel anxious and naked. Luckily, shags are also a great new option for 2021. Casual, sexy and easy to do (shake your head upside-down for a middle-of-the-day touch-up), shags are great for students, busy moms, business owners and anyone who wants to look like Taylor Swift.


Obvious roots as a style trend was likely started by incredibly busy women who couldn’t get to the beauty salon every eight weeks. This trend is more for dark roots than gray roots, and the look is definitely not for everyone, but it gives you the flexibility to tell people how up-to-date you are if you’re caught with roots. (Our advice: If you haven’t washed your hair lately either, just put a hat on.)

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We’ve given you a lot to think about here for your new look for 2021. Make your appointment now at either our Marmalade or Sugar House location to get your new hair cut, color and style for spring.