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Our Stylists Fix Quarantine Hair Color

During quarantine, you may have attempted to do your own hair color at home. We know it’s cheaper, but after many months of dyeing your own hair, you can see the damage you’ve done. The hair colorists at Landis Lifestyle Salon in Salt Lake City want to explain to you the difference between drug store box hair dye and getting professional hair color at a salon.

What can go wrong with box hair color at home?

hair colorYour Hair Is One Color

The first difference you may have noticed when you tried home hair color was that it made your hair one uniform color. The reason hair color professionals use two or more dyes on your hair is to make it look more natural, because most people’s hair is comprised of many different colors. Our hair stylists might make it lighter on top in the summer to mimic sun-bleached locks, and go with warmer tones in winter.

Having hair that is all one (box) color is a dead giveaway that you’ve been dyeing your hair yourself at home in your bathroom.

You Have an Accidental Ombre

The first time you dye your hair, you may not know which color to choose. Especially if you are going from dark to light (versus gray to another color), your hair may end up looking nothing like the color on the box.

This is an understandable mistake which you may try to correct the next time you dye your hair by choosing a lighter color. The problem is that box hair dye is formulated to take better to natural hair than dyed hair. That means the color will work nicely on your roots, but the rest of your hair? Not so much. That leaves you with one color on top and another color everywhere else (sometimes known as “banding”).

Your Hair Is Dull, Dry & Lifeless

All dye dries out hair — it’s a tradeoff you make for beautiful color. But in a hair salon, your hair stylist can use special products to treat your hair, and recommend products to use at home so that you can retain your color longer, and your hair stays softer and healthier.

Repeatedly dyeing your hair with box dye will leave it seriously damaged.

How We Fix Box Hair Color

Some hair stylists refuse to work on hair that has been recently box dyed. Here at Landis Lifestyle Salon, we are only too used to clients coming in with quarantine hair. It is truly best to wait at least a month after you have used a box dye to get hair color in a salon, because the box dye can affect how the salon color will come out. No one wants that — not you and not your hair stylist.

When you return to our salon after a period of dyeing your hair with box dye, we may need to use a color corrector to clean the slate, so to speak, for the hair color you really want.

Best Hair Salon in SLC

For healthy, shiny hair and beautiful hair color, trust only a professional hair stylist with years of experience. At Landis Lifestyle Salon, all our hair stylists are highly trained, licensed and nothing less than masters of their craft. Book your appointment for hair color today at our Marmalade or Sugar House location.