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What Does It Mean to Be an Aveda Hair Salon?

Landis Lifestyle Salon is known as an Aveda hair salon, but what does that mean, and what should it mean to our customers? Aveda is a line of natural hair care products and cosmetics based on ayurvedic medicine, an Indian holistic practice that uses plants, not chemicals, to heal patients. At Landis Lifestyle Salon, we have chosen to use Aveda products because we believe strongly in achieving our clients’ beauty goals in as natural a way as possible.

Aveda hair salonWhat Makes Aveda Products Better?

Aveda products are botanical — they do not contain synthetic ingredients, artificial colors or artificial fragrance. Not only does this make Aveda a more environmentally responsible choice, but it also is better for your hair.

Hair color can be harsh and drying, but Aveda hair color is plant-based, so rather than damage your hair, it actually makes it shinier and healthier.

Aveda products are also vegan and they’re not tested on animals, so you never have to worry about compromising your principles to get the hair and body care products you want. Plus, the containers for Aveda products are recyclable, so we aren’t contributing to overloading the landfills.

Applying to Become an Aveda Salon

We sell a wide variety of Aveda hair and body care products, including shampoo, conditioner, tonic, lotion, cleanser and moisturizer. But being an Aveda hair salon doesn’t mean simply selling Aveda products. It means using those products on all the clients and being committed to Aveda’s mission — to care for the world we live in.

Aveda salons are frequently sought out by clients who want only natural, botanical products used on their hair. However, Aveda limits the number of salons it licenses in each area. In Salt Lake City, Landis Lifestyle Salon owns two of the four licensed Aveda salons.

What It’s Like to Visit an Aveda Salon

When you enter an Aveda salon, the aroma of the flower-based products is unmistakable. Many of our clients come to associate this aroma with a visit to our salon, and it triggers pleasant associations. We think this is so much more enjoyable than chemical smells that can cause eye and skin irritation and allergic reactions.

You can always feel good about coming to Landis Lifestyle Salon, not just because the experience is relaxing and fun, but because you know that as an Aveda hair salon, we are participating in making the planet a better, safer place.

Our hair stylists provide women’s and men’s haircuts, hair color and styling, while our spa professionals provide facials, skin care services, hair removal and lash lifts. Make an appointment today at either our Marmalade or Sugar House location and finally see what going to an Aveda hair salon is all about.