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Get Your New Summer Hair Color Today!

Full-blown summer is almost upon us, and with it comes fun new hairstyles and hair colors. You didn’t get to show off your beach body or your hairstyle at all last year, and now you have to make up for lost time! Make an appointment to come into Landis Lifestyle Salon for your summer cut and color.

Many of us like to go lighter in the summer — blonde highlights mimic the effects of sun on the hair of a lady of leisure. But are we limited to blonde? No way!

hair colorBalayage

Balayages for summer 2021 are more subtle. Our stylists paint on your highlights gradually — today’s balayages aren’t the ombres of years past. Orange streaks at the ends of black hair are out. Highlights that look natural are in. And remember, balayages aren’t all for blondes. Balayages for brunettes are full of warm honey and caramel tones.

Tie Dye

Feeling brave and jubilant? Want to celebrate Pride Month in a whole new way? Come into our hair salon and get a tie dye hairstyle. You will absolutely turn heads, and you can wear any color you want!

Nontraditional Colors

If you’re a little more conservative, you may want to only try just one color instead of the whole rainbow. How about mermaid green? Lovely lavender? Pretty pink? Get highlights or just a single streak to show your personality.

Fire Red

We all know a few gingers — bright red tresses, maybe a sprinkling of freckles across white skin a la Mary Queen of Scots. But the type of red that’s making waves at the beach this summer isn’t the carrot-top kind, it’s the fire-engine kind.

With hair as red as Snow White’s lips, as red as a rose, a strawberry, an Angry Bird or bag of Twizzlers, you’ll be the talk of the boardwalk. Plus, you’ll be the only redhead who doesn’t need a hat.

Black as Night

If your hair is dark, why not make it darker instead of lighter? Black is the color of mystery, elegance and luxury. Think black tie, little black dress and black stretch limos. Your new black hair will give you an air of sphinx-like sophistication. Who else has black hair? Rhianna. Oprah. Most of the Kardashians. You’ll be in great company.


Not ready for platinum blonde? Do you prefer a more understated look? Go with bronde! Our hair stylists can create a stunning mélange of shades of light and dark brown that will turn heads everywhere you go.

OK, Blonde

Despite how we sometimes think we’re ready to go dark or go fuchsia or go super short, we know when we get in the hair stylist’s chair, the urge to keep our same color and style sometimes take over. Rest assured, our hair stylists want what you want! If you want to go blonde — or stay blonde — we’re here to help.

Best Hair Salon in Salt Lake City

For the most innovative and attentive hair and skin services in Salt Lake City, trust the team at Landis Lifestyle Salon. Come to us for hair cuts, hair color, facials, manicures, pedicures and more. Call today to make an appointment at our Sugar House or Marmalade hair salon locations.