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On Your Way to College? Stop at Our Hair Salon First.

Whether you’re a college freshman, a sophomore or you’re starting a master’s program, you want to show up this year looking fabulous. The best way to do that is to make an appointment with one of the hair stylists at Landis Lifestyle Salon in Salt Lake City. We’ll give you the exciting new look you want.

hair styles for college studentsLast Chance to Be Casual

Unless you’re going to be a rock star or work from home every day, you’ll have to cultivate a professional look when you graduate from college. But for right now, you can still have fun. What kind of hairstyles are good for college?

Most young women know that a messy bun looks ultra-casual — like you did it on your way to school. It’s a popular look for attending classes, and so are ponytails, headbands and braids — with or without baseball caps.

Our hair stylists can show you two or three looks you can quickly pull together before you head out for an afternoon of classes. Ask us about some ’do’s that transition easily to work at night, whether you’re behind the register at the grocery store or the bar at a brewpub.

Get Those Split Ends Trimmed

You may love your length, but don’t neglect getting regular trims. Not only is it important to get your ends trimmed every couple of months, but you also need to even out your layers.

Without regular trims, the ends of your hair become dry and brittle and your layers become uneven, giving your hair an unattractive triangle shape.

While men often have shorter hair than women, the pandemic definitely underscored how important it is for men to get regular haircuts as well. Even if you’re growing your hair out with the hope of achieving a man bun, you should get your ends trimmed so it still looks good in the meantime. We have a number of hair stylists at Landis who specialize in men’s hair cuts.

Time for Fresh Color

Hair that looks sun-kissed in the middle of July unfortunately tends to look like straw by summer’s end. If you have dark roots, frizzy ends and washed-out color, come in for a correction and some fresh hair color before heading back to school.

Fun colors that are trending this fall include amber, chocolate, copper, apple cider, cinnamon and burgundy. Come in for highlights, lowlights or a balayage — it’s a new school year so you deserve a new look!

SLC’s Favorite Beauty Salon

When you’re planning to get your hair done, plan to get a spa service too. As a full-service salon, we also do facials, hair removal, manicures, pedicures and so much more. Call today and book your appointment at our Marmalade or Sugar House location.